At MA&V Recruitment, we believe in innovation through bringing brand new solutions to the market and offering the most comprehensive versatile traditional solutions to meet the wide range needs of our client base.

 With our team of experts, MA&V Recruitment understands the importance of market and industry knowledge and devotes the time and energy to learn exactly how our clients operate. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering excellence and work closely with our clients and candidates to offer professional and domestic recruitment.

  • Vacant post enquiry received and acknowledged by MA&V Recruitment.
  • MA&V follows up with client for more information.
  • An approval is given and contract of service is signed.
  • We review the existing job description and person specification for the role(s) and discussed with our clients.
  • We further review or develop a full job description to reflect vacant post.
  • MA&V consultant then meets with client to approve the recruitment advert as well as campaign schedule ensuring it is in line with the client’s initial request.
  • Advert is placed according to the agreed schedule.
  • Interviews take place with the confirmed panels.
  • Candidates selected are offered the roles.
  • Our clients are invoiced for the services provided and payment is made within the agreed time on the contract. 

At MA&V Recruitment we understand the importance of training. Well trained employees are very crucial to the survival of your company. Training service help organisations develop their most important asset: people. We offer highly effective training courses, run by highly experienced and reputable facilitators. Our training services are very interactive with well stimulated discussions and ideas.

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Individual/ Group Discussions
  • Group Case Studies
  • Exercises
  • Our modules are designed according to your peculiar business environment.
  • We have a well researched and advanced training content.
  • Our training sessions are interactive, practical and encourage discussions.
  • Our candidates and clients are trained by our team of well experienced facilitators.
  • At M&C Management Consult, we provide you with value for your money. 

At MA&V Recruitment, we specialise in giving advice on managing your most important assets: human resource.
We at M&C will work closely with our clients to bring out the expected results of innovation and growth.