At MV & C Trading we deal with commodities like Rice, Sugar, Cooking Oil among many others. We facilitate the purchase of products for both retailers and consumers. We have the capacity to import as well and our terms and conditions are flexible in terms of payment.  We deal with bank to bank transactions with our clients for transparency. 

 Our buyers issue us with prove of funds to show and guarantee that he/she is capable of purchasing our products. We also deal with the appropriate instruments like LC, SBLC AND BG in our commodity business.  With our high standard in the rice business, we offer our clients nothing but the best in quality and products. We have both 5 percent and 25 percent broken rice in different kilograms respectively.  

 And we also have sugar in various varieties such as Brazil incumsa 150 and 45, Mexican incumsa 150 and 45. MV&C Trading imports sugar as well in a large quantity from our sellers in Brazil and Mexico. We also deal with Cooking Oil in different brands and sizes from overseas and our main purchase include the Oki Vegetable Cooking oil (25 litres) and Sunflower Cooking Oil. 

MV & C Trading have been doing tremendously well in this Commodity business over the years in this regard we have been able to supply most of our products to African countries before the vessel get to Ghana.